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  • Spring Cleaning at Engel Stadium


    Soddy Daisy High School sophomore Dakin Barrott used the day at Engel Stadium for his Eagle Scout project. Read More

  • Charlie Daniels Concert Set At Historic Engel Stadium To Benefit UTC Program For Veterans


    The Charlie Daniels Band will be in concert at historic Engel Stadium on May 2 to benefit a veterans program at the UTC School of Business. Read More

  • Engel takes '42' steps to restoration


    Doubling as Ebbets Field in Jackie Robinson's biopic has Chattanooga's Engel Stadium even closer to its foundation's ultimate goal. Read More

  • Knothole memories: Members of former kids' league reunite as Engel Stadium opens its doors to public


    Engel Stadium opened its doors to the public Thursday as part of a community open house and reunion of the Knothole Gang, a baseball league that also gave kids the opportunity to attend Lookouts games for free if they met certain requirements. Read More

  • Engel Foundation has high hopes for former Lookouts stadium


    It's been a whirlwind year for Engel Stadium. After being chosen as a location for the Jackie Robinson biopic "42," the stadium has seen lots of changes. Read More

  • Return of the Knothole Gang


    “It was the one place in Chattanooga where people could go and always leave happy,” Buck Johnson says of Engel Stadium, his boyhood destination of choice while growing up in the post-Depression era. Read More

  • Harrison Ford goes extra innings for baseball role


    Read More

  • Joe Engel’s legacy as big as Engel Stadium


    Joe Engel played major league baseball at a time when the pay was measured in peanuts, not millions of dollars. When his playing days were over, he came to Chattanooga in 1929 to manage the minor league Lookouts. Read More

  • Promoting Baseball in Chattanooga, Clinic brings legends to life


    It was as idyllic a scene as one could imagine. The stately McCallie School campus formed a picturesque background Sunday as over 200 energetic, baseball-loving kids rotated through drills conducted by current and former professional players on the school’s sun-splashed playing fields under a cloudless azure sky. Read More

  • Free Baseball Clinic with the Pros


    The third annual “Legends of the Game” baseball clinic, sponsored by the Engel Foundation, will be held on Sunday, Oct. 23 from 1:30-3:30 p.m. at the McCallie School. Read More

  • Engel Stadium finds new life as UTC takes control


    That huge sigh of relief you heard emanating from the campus of the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga last week undoubtedly came from the office of vice-chancellor Richard Brown. Read More

  • UTC Takes Ownership of Engel Stadium


    Confirmation from the state of Tennessee stating that UTC has sole ownership of Engel Stadium and surrounding property came last week. Read More

  • Joe Engel, The Lookouts’ “Baron of Baloney”


    In 1930 Clark Griffith, the owner of the Washington Senators, bought the Chattanooga Lookouts and installed Joe Engel as it’s president. Read More

  • Engel Foundation waiting for the keys


    We want to not only clean up Engel Stadium and once again have baseball games there, but in the bigger picture to be able, in a variety of ways, to tell the great story of the stadium Joe Engel built in 1930. Read More

  • Engel Stadium Foundation has big plans, but still no lease


    Leaders of the Engel Stadium Foundation say they have lots of ideas for restoring the historic baseball park, but still no lease. Read More

  • Who Holds the Key to Engel’s Future?


    Public meeting on July 12, 2011... Participants will have open conversation with representatives from the foundation and discuss the future of Engel Stadium. Read More

  • 1961 Chattanooga Lookouts Remembered


    It was a special baseball summer in 1961 as the Chattanooga Lookouts brought a Southern Association pennant to Engel Stadium. Read More

  • Deering: Killebrew left us 'Killer' memories


    Veteran baseball fans around the world were saddened Tuesday by the news that slugger Harmon Killebrew has succumbed to esophageal cancer at the age of 74. Read More

  • The Jackie Mitchell Story by Andy Page


    For his final project in a film class, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga undergraduate student Andy Page documented the amazing story of Jackie Mitchell striking out Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig. Read More

  • Historic Engel Stadium Damaged by Storm


    Historic Engel Stadium suffered significant damage from the round of storms passing through Chattanooga Wednesday morning. Read More

  • Crumbling Engel is a Sad Sight


    Whether one of Chattanooga’s most recognized monuments will soon become a mere memory remains to be seen. City and county officials are continuing the long process to transfer ownership to the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, which says it wants to work with the Engel Foundation and make the stadium usable again. Read More

  • Welcome to


    Our website will serve as your primary resource for information regarding the revitalization of Engel Stadium. Our “In the News” section contains an archive of all the news articles that have focused on The Engel Foundation, including cover articles in the Chattanooga Times Free Press and front page articles on Read More

  • UTC Plans to Save Historic Engel Stadium


    UTC is committed to saving historic Engel Stadium, UTC's Dr. Richard Brown said Tuesday. He told the City Council the longtime home of the Chattanooga Lookouts that has fallen into a dilapidated condition is "a local icon." Read More

  • UTC Hopes To Save Engel Grounds


    The city of Chattanooga padlocked historic Engel Stadium because of the danger within the 81 year old stadium... However, UTC has a plan, which has been in the works for four years, to breathe life into the grounds around the historic stadium. Read More

  • Historic Engel Stadium Padlocked; Organization Fights to Save It


    But one organization is still fighting to save the historic downtown landmark. Frank Burke, Owner of the Chattanooga Lookouts, "There's a tremendous amount of history,and it actually may be the best place I’ve ever watched a baseball game." Read More

  • Swept Up in the Latest News


    And, of course, hardly a day goes by when there is not a new logo to share. I'm particularly pleased to share this, the official mark of Chattanooga's Engel Foundation ... Read More

  • Group Aims to Restore Engel Stadium


    The stadium, named for flamboyant team owner Joe Engel, has not hosted a professional team since the Lookouts departed for AT&T Park following the 1999 campaign ... Read More

  • On the Road: Looking Out for Chattanooga’s Past


    I couldn't help but feel a sense of deja vu on Friday, as I experienced the same dynamic in Chattanooga. My day in this vibrant city began at the Lookouts' previous home of Engel Stadium ... Read More

  • Engel turns 80


    Thursday night, as Engel celebrated its 80th birthday, the names on the field were less famous, but baseball returned to the familiar venue on the corner of 3rd and O'Neal in Chattanooga. ... Read More

  • Engel Stadium Memories and a Dream


    For months I have been working for the preservation of Engel Stadium with the Engel Foundation. What never fails to inspire me are the stories I hear from old friends of Engel ... Read More

  • CSAS Senior Wright makes pitch for Engel


    One day last summer Wright and a friend walked into Engel Stadium for the first time. There was no game going on, but something about that revered edifice struck an emotional chord ... Read More

  • Another chapter in Chattanooga’s comeback story


    The fact that a 17-year-old female pitcher once struck out Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig in a legendary exhibition baseball game in the stadium is only the icing on the cake. Read More

  • Engel’s fate solidifies as fans speak up for 80-year old lankmark


    Everyone has something to say about the fate of Engel Stadium, but soon the 80-year-old stadium may be able speak for itself, as the possibility of the doors reopening becomes more of a reality ... Read More

  • Group Fights to Save Engel


    But leaving Engel -- the second-oldest minor league stadium in the nation, behind Birmingham's Rickwood Field -- to crumble is unacceptable ... Read More

  • Observatory, Church, Stadium added to National Register


    Three of the newest Tennessee sites added to the National Register of Historic Places are in Chattanooga, officials with the Tennessee Historical Commission announced Tuesday. Read More

  • Ex-big-leaguer Trout commits to Engel Clinics


    Former big-league pitcher Steve Trout visited Engel Stadium on Saturday and agreed to head a series of fall youth clinics at the 79-year-old ballpark. Read More

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